Sunday, 30 April 2017

Roast Yourself Challenge lyric video

Welp I'm a year late into making this video since I've already made the song and posted it up on Chirbit & Soundcloud last year.

The challenge spread among famous Youtubers cuz Nigahiga started it and tagged some friends, and they tagged their other friends, yada yada etc. Usually that doesn't bother me much when everyone's doing something, but I was kinda moved to make this just because an online buddy Lorie Way (srsly go check her videos out, she's funny as balls & makes quality comedy) made hers. That to me felt like bridging the gap between famous Youtubers and pretty-much-nobodies like me, so I'm all "what the hey, I'm an embarrassing self-deprecating person. There are these flaws I like to make fun of, I'm gonna give this a go". Besides I was just done with The Name I Wanted that time.

Being an alternative rock person I've never made a rap song before, and I gotta admit this is pretty hard to record, like sometimes due to difficulty in pronouncing some words quickly I had to separately record the verses and adjust their tempo in Soundbooth & Audacity. Looks like I don't talk fast enough.

The animation started somewhere in late September when I just quit my graphic design job, thinking I'll have plenty of time to do this and thinking it'll probably be done in a solid week. Sadly I had no motivation at all that time, what with writing Timestamps & drawing comics out of the scenes, and so much Escape Room sessions with two friends cuz it was my last months in Brunei.
Thankfully I got around to finishing this after I got my new job as an animator this year. Maybe touching Tumult Hype re-lived my knack to get back to After Effects again.

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