Saturday, 1 April 2017

some Illustrator flat design & typography

Due to getting a new job that deals with drawing & animating simplified vector graphics a lot, I've recently viewed tutorials on the subjects cuz I've never felt like I'm THAT great in Illustrator, I'm a lifelong Photoshop person that only uses Illustrator for logo designs (oh and we use mostly Flash & Tumult Hype in the office).

Tried a few flat designs of my own for now. Here's a stotato.

There's also this one. Still bitter than I'm not in a band yet but now I'm in an animation company with loads of equally crazy people and that's alright. We're a team, and teams have different positions that cooperate and harmonize with each other.
It also comes with downloadable phone wallpaper versions

Here's another one based off a shower thought from last November

And another one, also based on a tweet around the same time

Here's my main 14 characters from Timestamps

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