Monday, 10 October 2011

Going D-I-Y & reusing unused materials.

I remember I used to have a fluffy pink diary book during grade school, & my friend had the same one & one day she tied a piece of string to the book's binder & carried it around like a handbag & I did the same... (one of the incidents that I got the nickname 'copycat' in school)

And I've made plenty of notebooks too. Only that time I didn't know how to properly use a stapler & the paper I used were just some crumpled ones thrown inside the trash can. Now I've lost every single one of them & they might be thrown away a long time ago since they look basically like pieces of wasted trash anyway.

A few years later in college, I got back to gathering scrap paper around (only good quality ones this time, hey, it's an art university & there's wasted paper everywhere in the uni's print shop & art studios) & made a sketchbook so that I don't have to buy new ones & save money.

Pretty spiffy. And it's not as fragile as I thought it would be (since my previous handmade books breaks apart easily) and I still keep it with my previous sketchbooks.

Other than books I also made a replica of some headphones that my friend wore (yep she owned a pair of white headphones with black stars that her cousin gave & that time I envied it a lot) and so I went home, worked the magic & lo and behold, a not-so-exact crappy replica of said headphones made with plastic bottles (structure), plastic bag (earmuffs coating) & paper (the rest). Not bad.
...but it broke apart into pieces in the end. It's quite fragile (though I still have the ear bits). Another friend of mine also made a model of those headphones, but made out of clay since she's good with clay

Lucky yet another friend of mine bought me similar headphones, only green (when he came there there was no white ones). Turns out, these headphones are sold in stores everywhere. Oh the mainstreamness.

Back to making books. So after my last handmade sketchbook I used a sketchbook my friends bought for me for my birthday. This was last year. After that sketchbook's all used up I made another notebook since my room was stuffed with used paper (wrapping papers, crumpled papers rescued from the print shop, colored papers rescued from the green screen room, etc) plus I still have some hard cardboard left from previous drawing blocks used in Foundation years. And with those powers-er-materials combined, just like Captain Planet, this book was born.

The pages are quite colorful & there are sections of colored paper & white paper (I use the white paper for doodling drawings to be scanned & edited in Photoshop later) & the colored ones for some fancy writing crap). Heck, the dark green pages were perfect for me to use silver ink & write hidden messages behind some crappy doodles drawn there on purpose.

But that book was too small for me to draw some things (heh, us artists. so picky with when it comes to sketchbooks) . And it was getting full anyway. And then I remembered that I still kept bus fares from previous months -hell- YEARS even. I've always thought of making a book cover using them. So with said bus cards, a sheet of plastic & some leftover A3 paper sheets rescued from unused drawing blocks, I set forth to make the thought come true.

The idea: brilliant
The process: makes you feel like a genius.
The outcome: FARTS & SALTY BALLS.

This didn't turn out like how I pictured it in my head. And like the last notebook, this is just as fragile D8| BOOOOO.
But hey, the pages are A4 sized & give me free room to draw anything.

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