Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Back in Desaria before I prepared to move out, I found this old envelope once used by my friend cuz she was helping me gather questionnaires for my research methodology assignment. As usual, I'm too lazy to throw this now-unused brown envelope away cuz I still believe it can be recycled into some artsy stuff. Then I got bored & while still holding a sharpie on my hand I doodled this.

Don't know where this is going... at first I thought of doing maze-only-looking doodles but got bored & added some black clouds & splashes & all that crap... then drifted into other things, like stars & tentacles & playing card suits & stairs & bars... and moved on to other combinations of everything I had in mind.

Aftre quite a while it became THIS. (The scanner sort of cut the edges tho...

Here's a sort-of-better view of the edges (though not that good cuz I was using my phone camera)

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