Monday, 13 February 2012

4 OS deviantID

This idea unsurprisingly came during bedtime when I was trying hard to sleep. Forcing to sleep sorta made the brain even more active & insomniac. Don't know why I was thinking of operating systems that time but just thinking about it, it would be cool to sit on a Windows window while eating a silver Apple apple. And wearing some schmancy clothes like a classy Madame.

The Tux doll (representing Linux) & that random alien (representing Alienware, still not sure about the color scheme) could probably be that I haven't tried Linux or Alienware yet.

The transparent PNG version. Without the night sky it looks a bit empty. But hey, transparency is cool.

Here's the third version. It looks quite unlikely to be presented but I thought of making a dripping effect (though I doubt it'll look good)

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