Thursday, 9 February 2012

Animation: Myoo Rockin' the Studio

Started out as bits of crappy sketch animation made in Flash but continued everything using Toon Boom Studio with the help of Illustrator & Photoshop as usual. And a bit of iMovie & Premiere Pro for the sequencing.

It's Myoo89 featured here btw, and she digs purple, black cats & the Union Jack, thus the guitar & the whole settings. For some reason I like how the purple dark tones & yellow highlights blend in so well in here (IMHO purple & yellow never compliment each other... until now). Kinda funny, Myoo in here looks sorta like a female version of the leadsinger of Snow Patrol in their "This Isn't Everything You Are" since he's also wearing a striped shirt & having curly hair. But not rockin' a U-Jack guitar! Heheh.

The song used in here is Hey Monday's "Hurricane Streets". In the beginning I wanted to use "To The Sky" by Owl City cuz, let's face it, the concept of this animation is basically the same as the music video of said song (except it's animated, it's purple instead of blue, and a cat instead of an owl) but since she's rocking the guitar here, I felt like an upbeat pop-rock song instead. And female vocals. Myoo herself suggested "Clap Your Hands" by Sia and some other people have their other song suggestions too. But for some reason I chose this.

Damn, I really need to learn the tips & techniques on how to improve my animation. It still looks like crap even if it's better somehow from my last one.

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