Friday, 24 February 2012

Poster Design: The Iron Tablecloth

My first ever poster design mock-up for an upcoming event.

I won't be a judge or anything, but since I'm the one who designed this, it still looks a bit flawed in every side. But here's the thing, since the name of the tour is Iron Tablecloth itself, the poster has to contain elements of the names. For the iron part, texture is given to make the background look metal-ish. Later, the names of the bands are shaped into a tablecloth shape and underneath, rivets are given just to show the tablecloth's made out of iron. Notice the white words giving out the shiny metallic effect (which failed as well)

Band list:
Your Physical Violence
The Mole and The Ostrich
HackySack Geblek
Tig-Ass Bitties & Dig Bicks
Pink Parade
Snow Frickin' Day
Monotonic Winslett
Disarm Enemy Ships
III Bars

Textures (c) night-fate-stock & viv-stock

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