Wednesday, 1 May 2013

30 Seconds To Mars x Paramore crossover: Up In the Air / Still Into You

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I knew I just had to do adorable pictures of Tomo in Hayley's Still Into You outfit from this doodledump right here. For the lulz because for some reason that HIGHdea really worked.
And it went further on into a 30 Seconds To Mars - Paramore crossover featuring both their recent music videos. I'm still laughing.

The switcheroo isn't definite in here. Taylor & Jeremy were casted as those girls with half-skeleton makeup instead while Jared & Shannon took their position seeing that Tomo already called dibs on Hayley's outfit (which Jared wants to wear, but come on, skirts and bearded guys make a better comedic combination). Jeremy looks the saddest though, I don't know why. And in the fourth panel I sorta drew Shannon's tattoos on the wrong side but I'm too lazy to fix it.

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