Saturday, 4 May 2013

Getting in touch with 3D again

So because of my current job, I need to learn how to use the 3D software I downloaded but not used in college, Blender. I'm surprised that their latest version (2.66) is way easier to use compared to their previous 2.49 version.

I started off by experimenting & making some really simple models like the Envy Cake, some cups, mugs, hourglasses, and eventually the white headphones with black stars that I wanted so much since 2010 cuz I was planning on modeling a replica in Blender back when I still didn't know how to use it :P

I even made some comparisons just because I also happen to have Cinema 4D in my laptop. Oh how I love comparing alternative programs together.

Tried making a .dae file so it can be edited in both Blender and Cinema4D because it's easier to make the bubble tea pearls with C4D's array modifier but I prefer making the straw in Blender because of the pointy end by moving one vertex while enabling falloff. One thing that sucks is the materials won't appear right when switching from opening the .dae file on one software to another.

Top: Blender. Bottom: Cinema4D

I even tried making their logos using their own respective programs with the help of some Youtube tutorials.
Followed this tutorial [link]

Followed these tutorials: [link] [link]

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