Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Had to do something for my birthday, and I never thought the theme would be Furisodeshon by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Myoo89 cameo'd as the creepy cat mascot. I don't know why either, I was probably envious of the party in the music video, the trippy animations & how she got to goof of & get drunk and stuff, I mean I always joked about myself getting drunk with Myoo89 but we never really did. Cuz we can't. Because reasons.

Now, a furisode (some kind of kimono i think) is supposed to be red and white, and worn on someone's 20th birthday (and not 22nd) according to some article I read on the internet (which explains Kyary's video & her attire and theme, and the hatachi-hatachi-ing), but who cares, I can make it purple and black because I can. And because red's already taken here. Or maybe because Myoo likes purple and purple is also the color of Cangkir (yeah, I was planning to feature Cangkir in here too cuz of its menacing face, thus the Slenderman-ish dudes with Cangkir masks along with triangle-headed girls and beings with skull heads). So, in a way this is only bastardization/orientation and not actually a parody. And that drink would probably just be grape juice instead of wine. Or blueberry, blueberry juice is purple too.

The age I am might be floating but the age I feel like is in my hands.

Today's theme seemed to be purple. Lately I've been seeing purple a lot, and I'm not even wearing purple in real life. Ah well.

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