It's almost 2014

So why not try a new art style for the new year?
My family were buying stuff at Scoop to give to our friends and I was totally inspired by the artworks of the stuff sold there. There's a lot of stickers, notepads, diaries, drawing books, envelopes, color pencils and more. Practically recycled eco-friendly indie artsy stuff.

Started with this one.

Here's another version done in the color I feel matching with the other color.

And there's this one. With newspapers instead (credits to the stock images in the deviantART description)

Another book cover design. The pattern is probably overused already, but there’s a reason why. Also, alternating leaves with the same color as the stems just for fun.
First I started with black and red cuz that's all the pens I have. Then, I did them in a few other versions.

There's gonna be more and I'll be doing them throughout New Year.


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