Queen Of The Potties

Meet a queen who's literally crappy and a guy who's literally bananas!

Here it is, I managed to make a picture video for another one of mine & Tina's recordings in 2013, cuz for the first one I animated it in Flash. Now I sorta don't have time to animate a full video :(

I sorta like the contrast between the Potty Queen & Banana Stasher here, the cold blue vs warm yellow, their toilet & banana aesthetics, while The Cat looks just like a normal cat. Its looks is actually based on the cat that always comes in my house every morning.

And since we were high ourselves back then (probably on medication) only at the last minute I realized that the Potty Queen's similar to the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, trying to "execute" the Banana Stasher which happens to also wear a hat. Kinda like the scene where they were gonna cut the Mad Hatter's head off but then suddenly he got saved by the Cheshire Cat. Only in here The Cat has more of a Puss in Boots personality.

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