Friday, 10 March 2017

Sin Cakes clay sculptures

A few weeks ago after recording our third episode of Whatevski, Kamila & I got bored and molded some air-dry clay my sister got me last month. Initially I was gonna use it to make faux-enamel pins but turns out we can't bake air-dry clay in the oven. It dries on its own, so... we made sculptures instead.

Then we painted them with poster & acrylic paints. Kamila worked on the base coats first before derping around again, and after sometime later I worked on the minor details & colors.

We couldn't get Pride Cake's colors right so its texture turned out messy af.

Much much later, I added their faces with a marker pen.

Wrath & Gluttony cakes have bits that need to be glued in (the bits were scattered everywhere and always made a mess). I kinda used my sister's yellow nail polish to glue Wrath Cake's flames (which dont look like flames at all) and normal glue to glue Gluttony Cake's deco.

And they're done!

P.s. read the webcomic, Adventures Of The Sin Cakes on Tapastic, or buy the Line stickers here!

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