Saturday, 18 January 2014

Flipping Nature's Tables

Thought I might do something doodlish and whimsical again. And obviously this is inspired by Foster The People's "Supermodel" album art but since this is traditional art I can't really do a perfectly crisp one. Plus, without a scanner, this is a pretty good shot that I had of it.

First, it was just an excuse to waste this orange/brown marker. And it's starting to look pretty good but after a while I figured out the lineart needs to be thickened again, this time with the help of a red inky pen.

Upon coloring, I thought I could use just the orange-brown marker to doodle the background lineart, but instead it ended up too dark so I decided to color the background first with an orange color pencil and THEN draw the shapes with the marker. Sadly this way the marker will run out of ink and that's when I decided to just use a stronger brown color pencil instead. Drawn before the bright orange color pencil splashes into the bg.

Initially I wanted to use watercolor pencils but seeing that the paper's surface is smooth enough to contain the rich colors of ordinary color pencils, I bailed on doing the waterworks.

The writings that the owl shouted out… it took a mindless brainstormed creative writing thoughts. I wasn't exactly sure of what the theme's gonna be but ended up with the idea of someone being clueless about their surroundings while growing up, and once they're matured and aware, they flip the tables and make the bad guys fear them instead of fearing the bad guys. Not sure why apples, cats and mice are in the bg.

Purposely put room on the top edge cuz I wanted to put writings, but maybe this pic is better off without writings in the first place.

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