BFFL book cover designs

Back. With more notebook designs (just like how I made notebook cover designs too precisely last year). I'm still inspired by Scoop and all the notebook covers they sold in that store, so this time I'm trying to draw my characters from BFFL in a different style. This oughtta be fun.

First, the lineart.

And then I colored the patterns first with watercolor just to test out if the patterns would look nice as how I planned. I wanted to create that effect which makes it look like the drawings are cut-outs from different pieces of paper pasted on pre-painted surfaces.

I love the texture but too bad I don’t have a scanner right now, so the writings look unclear.


And finally, I took back the lineart pieces and colored them digitally based on the watercolored ones. The result? Not bad. I also fixed the writings (and a bit of the lineart) and made them pop. Although I still wished I put textures on the patterns but this is good enough.

But this time, the character cut-outs stand out even more thanks to the drop shadow effect.

Oh and I colored the characters too

Now I'll just have to find someone who mass-produce notebooks.


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